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The Clever Cities Initiative and Smart-City-Agency is a think tank, agency and NGO all in one. We are motivated by concerns about climate protection and the vision of the good life in the city. We work professionally both pro-bono and on a contractual basis. We are active as speakers, moderators, consultants, and as traffic experts in the field of policy consulting, PR campaigns, and the development of transport concepts and strategies. And yes, we love the bicycle.

Heinrich Strößenreuther, CEO

Heinrich Strößenreuther is the most successful mobility lobbyist in Germany according to the newspaper taz. He initiated the Berlin Cycling Referendum, Germany´s fastest referendum ever: The team and him boosted the "Verkehrswende" and turned Berlin´s mobility policy upside down, enabling politicians to take giant leaps instead of small steps. On the 28th of June 2018, Germany's first Cycling and Mobility Act was passed.

The keynote speaker and traffic expert has gained experience in professional positions at the Bundestag, Greenpeace, Deutsche Bahn, and as a startup-founder and consultant. Heinrich is the founder and managing director of the Agency for Clever Cities. He understands how to create change and promote topics in the media and political agenda through professional campaigning.

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You can contact Heinrich Strößenreuther by mail or under +49 160 - 9744 2395 for press inquiries, statements, or interviews.

The Initiative Clevere Städte is responsible for more than 500 media contributions. Furthermore, Heinrich initiated Berlin’s Bicycle Referendum (the Volksentscheid Fahrrad) leading to Germany's first cycling bill: This campaign has resulted in more than 1,000 media contributions on both the local and national level. Almost all major tv channels and newspapers have reported about these activities. Highlights of his track record are the launch of the Wegeheld app against illegal parking, the spatial justice report and its petition campaign, the #CyclingUnites tour, the invention of yogacycling, the initiation of the Berlin Bicycle Referendum, the protest action against illegal car racing, the 100,000 signatures for a cycling bill, and the related campaign. Often these events quickly produced more than ten contributions in regional and national media, and great engagement on social media.

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